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August 30, 2022by Mirela Sula0

When I was younger I used to be a worrier, and most of the time self-sabotaging for any action that I tried to take to change my life. It took me a while to understand that it was up to me to make things happen and take myself into a new journey of growth and development.

Here are ten lessons that I wish I had learned earlier, but as they say: “Better late, then ever”. Let me know if they resonate with you!.

1 You have the right to choose the people who are part of your life (including family)

2 You are good enough and you deserve to love and be loved – it’s your birthright !

3 Many people may try to put you down and stop you from following your path. It has nothing to do with you! Their job is to try, your job is to try and prove them wrong!

4 Many people may try to hurt you and you are right to blame them but blaming doesn’t help you – so stop it! Say thank you and move, find a place to heal yourself and be grateful for becoming so strong to overcome the pain!

5 You may grieve for someone who left you so early and scream: “Why Me?” That needs to stop. Change the question instead! There are things out of your control, so your job is to ask: ” How do I survive this? How do I get out of this dark zone? How do I get out of this as soon as possible? I want to help myself”. 

Don’t let yourself suffer, you need to do something to move to a better place!

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6 Nobody will come to help you, even if they come they will not be able to help you if you first don’t try to help yourself!

If they don’t come, don’t take it personal! If they help you and do nice things for you, don’t take it for granted!

7 For sure you are going to make mistakes in life and chances are you (same as me) will feel guilty and bad about it! Stop it! 

Instead of dwelling in the past, ask: “how can I learn from these mistakes and past experiences?” How can these guide me in the future, to be a better person and help others to avoid similar ones? Forgive yourself and move on! You deserve a second chance! Indeed, lots of chances!

8 Everything is possible, absolutely everything if you put your mind on! Everything that the mind believes and conceives it can achieve! 

If people tell you it is impossible they may be right – it may be impossible for them but not for you! If something is calling you then your duty is to follow your calling! It has reached you for a reason, honor it and be grateful!

Explore more what other people do!

9 Learn, read and get out of your comfort zone every day! This is called change.

You have to embrace change. If you don’t change, you are not growing; and if you are not growing you are not living.

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10 Invest in yourself. Love yourself, and put yourself first!

The most important person in your life is yourself, so don’t forget to put your oxygen to yourself first. 

11 Don’t worry too much, especially what other people think or say about you.

What it really matters is what you think about yourself. The way you see yourself will impact the way others will see you. If you have low self esteem and low self respect how can you expect that others will value you more? 

Gain self love and self confidence and live the life you deserve!

There are many more lessons we all learn through our journey, but these 10 are absolutely fundamental. What are yours? If you have some lessons to share it in the Global Woman Magazine

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If you’re overwhelmed by the question ‘What is my life purpose?’, take a step back and follow these seven simple steps and apply them to your own life. Not only will you have a clearer mindset but you will slowly notice positive changes in your life.

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About Mirela Sula

Mirela Sula has worked in media and education for the last 20 years and has speaking experience all around the world. Her background takes in psychology and counseling, journalism, teaching, coaching, women’s rights, and media training. Mirela is CEO and the founder of Global Woman Magazine and Global Woman Club. 

by Mirela Sula

Mirela Sula is the CEO and Founder of Global Woman Magazine and Global Woman Club. Mirela has worked in media and education for the last 20 years and has a speaking experience from all around the world. Her background is in psychology and counseling, journalism, teaching, coaching, women’s rights, and media training. Mirela is also the organiser of the Global Woman Summit and Global Woman Awards. She has appeared on Channel 5, London Live TV, BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour, Sky TV and has also been featured in the 'Evening Standard', 'The Guardian', “Marie Claire” etc. She is best selling author and has helped more than 100 women to publish their books. It was in 2014 Mirela created Migrant Woman Talks, a platform for women to share their stories and experience of life in a new country. By the end of 2019 Mirela had created more than 25 Global Woman Clubs for women all over the world, and she has helped hundreds of women to unlock their potential, start their business and take it Global! Mirela has received many awards for her work, including the ‘Inspirational Award for Women 2015’ for Human Rights, the ‘Best Up-And-Coming Inspirational Influencer’ Award from The Best You, in 2017 and the Universum Donna Award 2017 from the Universum Academy of Switzerland. Mirela is passionate about empowering women worldwide and always stands up for inclusion, diversity, gender balance and supporting the next generation. Her mission is to create a global movement to improve the future for women, by economically empowering each woman.

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