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Seven years ago, I moved to London with nothing but a big desire to find my life purpose.

I was limited with my visa work permission; I had no money, no family members with me, no friends, no connections, no house, no job. As a single mother with my teenager son, coming from a poor country and painful past, I had to start my life from scratch and build a new purpose, a new sense of life. I did it, and I think you can do it too.


I have been following Mirela’s work for quite a long time now and I can tell you, she is a powerful force for good. What she is doing for woman is phenomenal and I encourage everyone to join her movement.



Watching what Mirela is doing to empower woman is incredible. I heard about her and her story and I thought, wow, where does she get this energy. We need woman like her



Mirela is a great woman who knows what makes woman great. We need her and treasure her. I support her big vision to create a global community of empowered woman. A woman like Mirela can make it happen!



I had been hiding myself for more than 20 years, until one day I met Mirela. She is the only person who managed to get me out of my shell. Because of her I have now found a new purpose in life, to help woman have it all.



The founder of Global Woman, Mirela Sula is from Albania like me, and I feel so proud to have a person like her with an amazing heart to be an inspiration to so many woman. She has created a big window for women to open their souls.