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and those gifts give him or her the power
and the opportunity to accomplish great things.

Mirela Sula

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The easiest way to reach success is to help other people succeed!

Every program is based on the core elements of Mirela’s coaching principles designed to help you attract all you want in life, both personally and professionally.

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Anne K

Parenting coach

I met Mirela on the right time, exactly when I was ready to change my life. I loved her energy, her story and what she was doing to help other women. From the very first meeting with her I got the desire to write my first book, I got the structure and she made me feel that it is so easy. Later we moved to another stage of her programmed, which is public speaking. She not only taught me so many tricks about how to present, inspire and sell on stage but also she put me on stage, and within six months I became an international speaker. Now I have a blueprint and I am so happy with my business. I know for sure it is connected with my purpose. Working with her I have learned so much, I have made so many connections, I have been featured in many magazines and TV shows and I am building a global brand. Following Mirela’s course has been one of the best the best decisions in my career life. She really helped me find my purpose.

Elena J

SEO expert

Mirela helped me to find my purpose in less then 3 weeks course with her. When I met her I was resisting a lot. I never believed on myself and working with her pushed me to get out of my resistance and find a new purpose in life, most importantly to feel good with myself. I am very grateful, now I feel much more focused: I finished my book, I have been featured in the media, and even though living in isolation because of Corona virus, I have been able to make so many contacts around the world and speak in different platforms. This has created a great exposure for me and my business is going global. All thanks to Mirela. Great course and I would recommend to anyone.

Agata G

Women Empowerment coach

I have joined Global Woman in November 2019 and the journey has been absolutely amazing. I had just launched my online course and I felt I needed some help to do the marketing and promotion. I knew Mirela was the right person, she is leading 4 magazines and having a successful TV show (including the media training) I thought I could benefit from it and I was right. I got everything I needed. Thanks to working with Mirela I was invited to speak at many events and conferences. I became part of a big book project. I was featured in the Global Woman TV show and guess what; I got special media training with Global Woman at the BBC studio. I have made so many connections and something that was like a bonus because Mirela is amazing at helping to find your blueprint, but she goes very deep into breaking through your blockages. Working with her has open my mind and many doors to work with other women as well. I highly recommend Mirela’s breakthrough strategies so you understand the value you have inside you.

Natasha W

Business Owner

Mirela is the only one who managed to get me out of my comfort zone and push me to reach my higher self and discover a bigger potential inside me. But not only that, Mirela has the knowledge and the power to guide and help you to become a public speaker. Before I met her I was very shy to speak in front of the public but once you start working with her, you forget about it. Mirela makes you feel comfortable out of your comfort zone. This is what I did. Within three months working with her, I have been featured in many magazines and I have been speaking in four different countries including Singapore, Albania, Sweden, and Romania, and many events in London. Also, I have been invited to speak in Germany and Dubai, and I know I will not stop now, as this is part of my mission. I am so grateful for this and If you are a woman looking to connect with your purpose and achieve a big vision in life she is the right mentor.

Victoria B

Business Owner

Until I met Mirela I didn’t know that I was seating in my comfort zone and when I heard her speaking I thought “I can grow more”. So I decided to work with her and I must say from the very first session with her I had a big breakthrough and I got clarity on what I wanted to achieve. I realized how I was holding myself back and what I needed to do to start tapping into my highest potential. Working with Mirela has definitely helped me to grow and achieve a bigger vision for my business. It has been a blessing to have found her!

Kamini N

Parenting Coach

Namaste my name is Kamini. Within the first week out of a three weeks course on ‘How To Take Your Business Globally Online’, I have already created my brand. I have learned how to build a mailing list. I’ve created content for my website Teach Inflow. I got to create my first eBook called ‘How To Deal With Your Kids During Home Schooling- 4 Steps Of A Blueprint Formula For Parents’. By day three I got the opportunity to speak on the Global Woman ‘Vienna’ meeting. After all these years of seeking, I have finally arrived. I get to learn from the primary source, Mirela. She is authentic and an expert in her field.

Thuy Vi Nguyen

Founder of “Self Shine”, - Brussels

I am only 23 years old and I am so excited that I have found my purpose. I was lucky to meet Mirela a few months ago and started working with her. Let me tell you, I have learned so much and I had so many breakthroughs. Mirela helped me to create my brand, she helped me to create a blueprint and now I am the founder of “The self Shine”, but not only that, with her guide I wrote an e-book, which now it coming as a big book, both English and French, I became an international speaker, I learned how to run webinars and run my business from home. I have been featured in the media, I have made so many contacts around the world and I am so optimistic for the future now. So much going on and I am so excited. Very grateful to Mirela, and I would recommend everyone to work with her as she can change your life.

Violeta Mece

Founder of “Parent’s Freedom”, - Canada

I followed Mirela for many years and as I was growing, all the time I was thinking, one day when I am ready I will contact her and ask if she can mentor me. That day came and it was a dream come true. I worked with Mirela for 3 full weeks in her course “Think Big & Go Global” and that was a big breakthrough for me. When I started I had no idea that I would leave the course with a book, being featured in the magazine, learn how to run a webinar, learn how to speak and make clients through public speaking, how to grow your mailing list, and how to create video content for social media. It was an amazing experience. I have gained so much and now I am growing my business massively since I finished the course. I would recommend it to any woman who wants to make sure is following the right direction to grow her brand and her business.

Randi Naess

Founder of Global Wise Leadership, -Norway

When I met Mirela I felt overwhelmed and stuck in the work, confused by working a lot with people and partners who were overselling and under-delivering not respecting my money. My investment in time, energy, and money did not turn out invalid practical solutions that supported my business intentions. I knew I needed to do something new but didn‘t know what, how, and where to start. It happened all so quickly. I am so glad I met Mirela at the right time and she is the woman that makes you take decisions very quickly but interestingly you feel so comfortable and deep inside you feel it is the right decision that is going to change your life. I am so glad that during this corona crisis I had the chance to work with the right mentor. Within 3 intensive weeks working with Mirela, I got everything I needed. I restarted my business. Yes, and it took one session with Mirela for me to know what I wanted to do. Then it took me only three weeks to implement everything. In such a short time I had a new name for my business, the logo, the website, the book, written, the blueprint, the webinar presentation, the formula how to sell, featured in the media, and speaking in many virtual events around the world. When I think about it I am amazed at how much we as human beings can do. The secret is, we simply need to meet the right people in life who believe in us and guide us in the right direction. Now my purpose in life is supported in a powerful way. My business is flowing and I feel I am on a mission to help people discover their leadership wisdom. Thanks to Mirela and Corona crises I am loving the new life.

Christina Chirita

PhD candidate and Founder of Female Leadership, - Belgium

The first time I saw Mirela speaking on stage I knew she was the right mentor for me. Listening to her I realized how much time I have wasted and not taken the decision to step up and use my leadership skills. I am so glad I took that decision to join her course because it has really changed my life. She gave me the road map to achieve what I always wanted to achieve and she made it so easy for me. I have not only learned so much how to create my blueprint and monetize my knowledge but also the connections that she has helped me to create are priceless. Now thanks to this course I know what I want to do, I know how to follow my purpose, and be confident to help others. It has been a great journey with her and I would recommend any woman to experience her course.

Jacqui Ruddock

Founder of Leadership Energy, UK

My background is in the corporate world, where I learned to present and promote other people’s products and projects. I didn’t know what I didn’t know until I met Mirela. She not only told me the potential that she was able to see in me, but she encouraged me to take ownership of it and create a blueprint. It took me only 3 weeks to package all the knowledge that I accumulated over the years, and I wrote a book. I learned to be featured in the media and how to create products and most importantly how to present, promote, and sell them. This was what I needed and now feel confident that I am on the right track to be my potential.

Caroline Nijland

Founder of Business4Growth, - Netherlands

When I started Mirela’s course I didn’t know what to expect. I had done so many courses, so much training, and coaching and mentoring. I have invested so much in my growth but this course with Mirela has been one of the best. Within three weeks I finished writing a book and got it ready-designed online. Now you can download it on my website because within a week Mirela’s team built a website for me including the logo and the banners that I needed. Then these 3 works working with Mirela gave me the confidence and the belief that I am in this world for a big purpose. I discovered I have so much energy, to write a book in three weeks, write articles, speak at different events, run webinars and create a blueprint. All of this happened in one course with Mirela. And she taught me how to present, promote and sell when I speak. I applied these strategies in my webinar and guess what I know finally. know how to make clients because I am connected with my purpose and everything is flowing. I am so glad that I made the decision to join this course. In a time when everyone was feeling scared because of coronavirus, I was doing the course with Mirela, and thanks to that experience I now see the world differently and with confidence.

Yadira Gonzales

Founder of Live Free 2Day, - Belgium

When I heard about the Global Woman club, I became curious. At that time I was staying home and I was not sure what my purpose is, so I decided to go and attend an event and it happened Mirela was there. She was running a Mastermind class on how to grow your business globally. That event changed everything for me, I immediately started to feel the power and the energy that I have within me. I connected with my purpose and I felt I wanted to help others achieve the same. As I grow my desire to learn more, later I joined 3 weeks course with Mirela and this is all I needed. I learned how to write a book, generate leads, present and sell from the stage, and by organizing webinars. Thanks to the Global Woman platform I have made so many connections and spoken in many events around the world. I had so many breakthroughs and I am in love with my life. Thanks to Mirela who helped me to find this power and connect with my purpose. I would recommend everyone to get her course, really helpful and life-changing.

Charity Madenyika

Founder of “How to get the deal -you want” – UK

I never heard about Mirela before, until one day I saw an ad on FB and I decided immediately to join her course. In the beginning, I was waiting to see what happens, how a course can change my life in just 3 weeks. And I am telling you it happened. I am a professional woman and I have invested a lot in myself but this course with Mirela has been an eye opener for me. I have learned so much: How to write a book, how to be featured in the media, how to deliver a speech, how to build products, how to present, promote and sell. I learned how to run a webinar and make clients. All of this in three weeks. I am so glad I joined and now I am clear I am following my purpose.