- By Mirela SulaHow To Connect With Your Life Purpose

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Sometimes, we have to make decisions because life is all about the decisions that we make, and I really appreciate the fact that you are reading this book today. I always say, “Who is meant to be in the room, will be in the room”. I believe that you are absolutely reading this book because you are meant to.

- By Mirela SulaDon’t Let Your Mind Go

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This book is going to be a bestseller, I feel it”, I said, The publisher smiled and the way she looked at me made it clear that she didn’t believe it. I responded to her facial expression.


- By Mirela SulaHow To Create Compelling Products

THIS BOOK REVEALS: The ultimate formula

We all have ideas and we know everything starts with an idea but the idea has no value if we don’t bring it to the reality. Once we decide to start a business, one of the biggest challenges is how to create a product and launch it. But the question here is not just to launch it, but to make sure we are going to succeed.

- By Mirela SulaThe Power of Your Visibility

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Having endured a year full of restrictions and isolation, “Watch me!” it is now time to tell the world: Hi darling, This is a call for all women around the world to say “Stop Hiding – I have a story and I can inspire others by sharing it”