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The purpose growth accelerator for women. Plan your future NOW!

If you’re looking to create a big vision for your future, to feel fulfilled and excited when you wake up in the morning because you have so much to give, create and contribute, and if you want to create the life you love – then reading and acting on this message will be the best decision you can make on your future. Below you can find out how working on their purpose has transformed the lives of many global women!

Who is this course for?

  • Many people have a desire to achieve things in life. And we all have the ability to get what we want. But this course will show you how to start things in a sequential order, and how to do some homework first, so that no matter how big your purpose, vision, goal, and target is, it does not need feel hard at all.
  • You want to create that constant burning desire to be more and do more so you feel unstoppable. This course is for you if you are a coach, consultant, entrepreneur, self-employed, business owner, or perhaps you are searching to change your career.
  • You have an idea and you don’t know where to start? You had a big dream but it never became a reality? Perhaps you are feeling alone in your journey and you may be thinking this is happening only to you? No, you are not alone, and if you have a dream you can turn it into a purpose and create a bigger vision for yourself and your future.

That’s why I’m thrilled you have an interest in “Connecting with your big purpose”

This has now become a big part of my purpose – To help women find theirs!

Without having a clear purpose and knowing where you want to go, you can’t get anywhere.

What will you learn from this course? At the end of the course you will

  • Have a clear picture of what and how you want your life to look like.
  • Increase the ability to desire more and see the big vision for yourself.
  • Connect with your higher self and listen to your call.
  • ​Know how manage all the challenges that you may face in your journey.
  • ​Learn how to deal with your dark moments and guide yourself to the light.
  • ​Be able to tap into your potential and feel empowered.
  • ​​Create a map for your future and feel confident walking in your path.
  • You will start seeing life in a new light and you will love it.

The 4 most important guides:

The modules that you will find in this course will help you to deeply understand what is your purpose, how this can lead to creating a vision and how can you make it bigger, starting now.
  • To recognize we all come into this planet with a big purpose
  • We need to tap into that gift that we have within
  • We need to possess it and master it
  • We need to share it with others

This course includes


Assess your situation

Before you start watching the four modules of this course, it is important that you make a self-assessment and understand where you are.

Find the right question formula

As you are searching and exploring the whole journey of self-discovery, trying to connect with your higher purpose, you will always have to ask some important questions to yourself. Sometimes these questions are coming in a form of whispering, dilemmas or loudly "chatting" in your head. You need to take control of these questions. This message will introduce you to making those right questions.

Create your universal home

Once you start raising questions and search for meaning, you will feel the need to be in a safe place, surrounded with the right people who encourage you to find your purpose and help you to connect with it. This chapter will dwell on this.

MODULE 1 Finding your call

Many people start something as they are influenced by others, or perhaps they end being where they are because they allowed other people to take decisions for them. Or perhaps they did make the wrong decisions for themselves. No matter at which stage of your journey you are, it’s never too late to connect with your call and with your higher self, the true one that will show you the light toward your purpose. In this module you will be guided to find it and feel ready to start a new successful journey for your life.

MODULE 2How to overcome the dark zone

Find me one person that told you “I never had a dark zone in my life”. We all go through this path. The point here is not to avoid, it but to learn how to deal with it, learning how to take advantage of it, to learn, grow and spring higher up from any dark moment of your life. This module will show how you can take yourself from the dark to the light and feel connected with your purpose.

MODULE 3How to unlock your potential

Do you ever feel like you have the potential to do great things with your life, but just aren’t sure how to start? I know that feeling very well, we all have been there and still searching to reach the best we can. The truth is that the only creatures that never reach their potential are human beings. In this module you will learn how to unlock the cave of your potential and start being rewarded from it every single day.

MODULE 4Create a map for your success

Everyone is searching for something, and most of the time, it may happen that we don't know what are we looking for. What do we want? What do we need? Sometimes life does not give us what we want, but what we need in order for us to learn and grow. In this module, you will learn the value of creating a map for your success journey. Something that will make you feel excited, and be in control of your destination. Enjoy it.

Randi Naess

Founder of Global Wise Leader, Norway

“The secret is, we simply need to meet the right people in life who believe in us and guide us in the right direction.”

When I met Mirela I felt overwhelmed and stuck in the work, confused by working a lot with people and partners who were overselling and under-delivering, not respecting my money. My investment in time, energy, and money did not turn out invalid practical solutions or supported my business intentions.

I knew I needed to do something new but didn`t know what, how, and where to start. It happened all so quickly. I am so glad I met Mirela at the right time, and she is the woman that makes you make decisions very quickly but interestingly you feel so comfortable, and deep inside you feel it is the right decision that is going to change your life. I am so glad that during this coronavirus crisis I had the chance to work with the right mentor. Within 3 intensive weeks working with Mirela, I got everything I needed.

I restarted my business. Yes, and it took one session with Mirela for me to know what I wanted to do. Then it took me only three weeks to implement everything. In such a short time I had a new name for my business, the logo, the website, the book was written, the blueprint, the webinar presentation, the formula on how to sell, being featured in the media, and speaking at many virtual events around the world. When I think about it, I am amazed at how much we as human beings can do.

“ Now my purpose in life is supported in a powerful way. My business is flowing and I feel I am in a mission to help people discover their leadership wisdom. ”

Thanks to Mirela and the coronavirus crisis, I am loving the new life.

I joined Global Woman in November 2019 and the journey has been absolutely amazing. I had just launched my online course and I felt I needed some help to do the marketing and promotion.

I knew Mirela was the right person. She is leading 4 magazines and has a successful TV show (including the media training). I thought I could benefit from it and I was right. I got everything I needed. Thanks to working with Mirela I was invited to speak at many events and conferences.

I became part of a big book project. I was featured in the Global Woman TV show, and guess what? I got a special media training with Global Woman at the BBC studio.

I have made so many connections and something that was like a bonus is that Mirela is not only amazing on helping to find your blueprint but she goes very deep into breaking through your blockages.

Working with her has opened my mind and many doors to work with other women as well

Agata Galuszka
Founder of Ultimate Confidence Academy - Andorra & UK

I highly recommend Mirela’s breakthrough strategies so you understand the value you have inside you.


Seven years ago, I moved to London with nothing but a big desire to find my life purpose. I was limited with my visa work permission

I had no money, no family members with me, no friends, no connections, no house, no job. As a single mother with my teenager son, coming from a poor country and painful past, I had to start my life from scratch and build a new purpose, a new sense of life. I did it, and I think you can do it to.

Caroline Nijland
Founder of Business4Growth, Netherlands

I was doing the course with Mirela and thanks to that experience I now see the world differently and with confidence.

I have made so many connections and something that was like a bonus is that Mirela is not only amazing in helping to find your blueprint but she goes very deep into breaking through your blockages.

When I started Mirela’s course I didn’t know what to expect. I had done so many courses, so many trainings and coaching and mentoring. I have invested so much on my growth but this course with Mirela has been one of the best. Within three weeks I finished writing a book and got it ready and designed online.

Now you can download it on my website because within a week, Mirela’s team built a website for me including the logo and the banners that I needed.

Then these 3 weeks of working with Mirela gave me the confidence and the belief that I am in this world for a big purpose. I discovered I have so much energy, to write a book in three weeks, to write articles, to speak at different events, run webinars and create a blueprint.

All of this happened in one course with Mirela. And she taught me how to present, promote and sell when I speak.

I applied these strategies in my webinar, and guess what? I finally know how to gain clients because I am connected with my purpose and everything is flowing.

I am so glad that I made the decision to join this course. In a time when everyone was feeling scared because of coronavirus,


I have been following Mirela’s work for quite a long time now and I can tell you, she is a powerful force for good. What she is doing for women is phenomenal

Kim Kiyosaki
Founder of Rich Women


Mirela Sula is a great woman who knows what makes women great. And how to help women become and be great. We need her and treasure her and all the great women because the era that dawns is the era of women leading the way to a better world..

Dr Ervin Laszlo
Global Thought Leader/ Founder of Club of Budapest


Watching what Mirela is doing to empower women is incredible. I heard about her and her story and I thought, wow, where does she get this energy. We need women like her

Elena Cardone
Founder of Empire University


I have been hiding myself for more than 20 years and I felt comfortable inside my box, until one day I met Mirela and she is the only person who managed to get me out of my shell. Because of her I have now found a new purpose in life

Veronica Tan
Founder of Success Resources


The founder of Global Woman, Mirela Sula is from Albania like me, and I feel so proud to have a person like her with an amazing heart to be an inspiration to so many women. I think when we women use our total strenght and our capability we are really strong and we make the world a better place.

Ermonela Jaho
Opera Singer Celebrity

Video Testimonials :

Hi there! I’m Mirela


For the last 7 years, I’ve been working intimately with thousands of women around the world helping them discover their purpose. Let me tell you why?

My vision is to create a global community of empowered women, providing a platform where we can be able to recognize our power and tap into our gifts, so we can share and help other people achieve best results. But the reality is that I have met so many women that told me “I don’t know what my purpose is”, and this makes me sad. So yes, my goal is to help women master two important things: Confidence and Finance.

This is all what women need, and for this reason I have created a program called “Think Big & Go Global”, a blue print formula that has shown me 100% success to all women who have applied it. Finding your purpose is the first course in this programme and it is the most important one.

I am so excited to start this virtual journey with you