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Find The Four Modules Formula To Increase Your Visibility And Grow Your Income

Your Visibility Is Your Responsibility.

How this formula helped me

part from building my media platform I have also been collaborating with two well known BBC journalists and for more than a year we have provided media training for women around the world. I have also been featured in many national and international big media such as: BBC Radio, Sky TV, London live TV, Channel 4, The Guardian etc. Now having my TV show and 4 magazines I am eager to share and pass my knowledge to other women.

Ready to position yourself as #1 Expert in your niche
with media publicity?

This media training will share with you the secrets that have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs receive major publicity on their favorite TV shows, newspapers and magazines.

A huge opportunity to get publicity and reach millions of people.

Media is always looking for experts like you

This training will teach you how to get “expert invitation” with the media right away

The Publicity that you receive in the media can boost your business overnight

This training will teach you how to use the publicity in your business advantage

Media exposure grows your confidence and open new doors for you

This training will teach you how to use your media confidence and the experience in order to grow your platform

In this training we will offer our 4 steps signature how to become the media magnet


MODULE 1How to be featured in the media

There are so many ways that you can use to approach journalists and secure media coverage for you and your business. First you need to create a plan and decide which media you want to approach first TV or Print. It can also be online or radio. But a good PR for you can be any opportunity that you have for visibility such as podcasts or other social media streaming. If you are planning to approach the media, ideally you need to have a product ready, so once you reach an audience and they come to search for you they find what they need and become your customers. In this module you learn exactly this.

MODULE 2How to use your media confidence to grow your platform

Many people have great content and so many ideas that can be turned into a great business but because they feel shy or not confident to speak in the camera they miss so many opportunities to connect with their audience in a deeper level. So what you need to do in order to build your confidence in the camera? There are so many tricks such as preparing, practicing, talking with yourself (but if you don't like your voice), or perhaps you are scared, what happened if you forget the words and you mess it up. The answer is – it’s all ok. Things are difficult until they become easy. In this module you will learn how to position yourself in front of the camera, how to prepare and speak with confidence so you look professional and you love doing it again and again.

MODULE 3How position yourself as an expert with media publicity

Perhaps you have seen so many people with great expertise speaking on TV and sharing their knowledge. That can be you. You have a message to share? This is where it starts. In this module you will learn the skills and gain the confidence to be a polished and affective media performer. You will learn how to deliver a “piece to camera”. How to give the best interview. How to take part in a televised discussion

MODULE 4How to create your own media platform

In the last 5 years I have build my whole platform based in the media experience and this has boosted my business every day. You can do the same. If you are not able to be featured in a media, you may start creating your own media platform, it can be a blog, a podcast, a YouTube channel, an online magazine. All you need is to take step and start small. Build relationships, create content and then you extend to a bigger media and offer opportunities to other people to be part of your platform.