These testimonials are genuine letters from the readers with real names and are published with their consent!


Your words could change the direction of my life

Dear Mirela, I am a student from Kosovo. Some time ago I was feeling very bad and sad within. Randomly I saw a book with an interesting title ‘Don’t let your mind go’ and I was intrigued to know more. I found a corner and started to read the book. I can’t find the words on how to describe what I felt inside, very happy, full of joy, full of hope, relieved from the burdens, at peace with myself and with all the people around me. It is not enough to say how good I felt. In your book I found what I had been looking for. In every line and every word I found myself. This book is amazing and I really congratulate you. I have read a lot of self-help books from different authors like Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Jose Mayer etc but none of these books has impressed me like your book. There is something very special about your book, and only your honest spirit can do this. Your words could change the direction of my life. I look forward to reading other books from you. God bless you!

Teuta Gerguri


You helped me to become the psychologist of myself

Dear Mirela, from the deepest heart I would like to say you THANK YOU for the book you have written ‘Don’t let your mind go’ which has impressed me so much, challenging my need to see a psychologist. You are so original with your stories and wisdom telling us that there is always a solution. This is something that you do with honesty, disclosing the episodes of your life. I personally have found it very difficult to open up with a psychologist and when I had the courage to go and visit a well known psychologist, I felt terrible. He not only didn’t understand me but made me feel even worse.  I told myself “no one understands you” so I decided to become the psychologist of myself. A difficult battle that I won after I had read your book. You are a noble figure who shares only goodness and this is very clear in your writing as well – you give so much love for the people. This society needs women like you. Wishing you all the best in life.

Suela Jaho.


I keep this book as a precious treasure

Dear Mirela, ‘Don’t let your mind go’ is one of the most fantastic books I ever have read. We can all find everyone there, and feel closer. But what I like is the valuable tips and the wisdom, which tells us how to keep our mind healthy and not to let it go, even in difficult situations. I keep this book as a precious treasure and open it when I need to refresh my mind, as when I read it, I feel better. It came into my hands from a dear friend, Marieta Merkuri. I really thank you for this gift and what you have done for everyone. Sharing your wisdom is a miracle for me.

Egla Imeraj

Nothing could help me more than this book

Dear Mirela, Your book ‘Don’t let your mind go’ came into my hands at the moment that I felt like I had fallen down. After I had read your book I was reborn, and stood up like I had received the magical medication, giving me the power. I read it again and I thought “This woman is a miracle, a messenger of God on the earth”. No one and nothing could help me more than this book. I look forward to reading other books from you.

Rudina Morina


A a book of wisdom towards enlightening the mind

It is a delight to read, written with a communicative, yet sophisticated, language. Its message reaches the reader without boring or burdening him or her with complicated scientific jargon, and masterfully shares the wisdom of the ages and sages with the effect of highlighting the points of each essay. It delights the reader with the wisdom of other mortal humans who have reached the level of awareness of oneself, toward the journey of moving beyond the confines of the mind.

Upon reading the book the reader, if not taking the roadmap prescribed by the author, will have found in the final account a good companion and reference manual, and where to start should it decide to enter the journey of renewing the present state of mind.

Aida Dismondy