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Find The Key Method To Create A Compelling Product, Lunch It And Sell It Online.

Turn Your Passion Into A Business And Live The Life Of Your Dreams

How this formula helped me

Redesign your ideas and turn them into products. Once you start building your team and your platform, then you need to explore all the resources that you have, add more services and develop your products. This is the first step in order to create something worth selling.

Then you want to make sure you take ownership of your products by creating your own copyright.

In this course you will discover

  • Find out what is your right product
  • How to launch a product
  • How to market your product
  • How to sell your product

MODULE 1Find out what is your right product

There are two critical parts that can determine your success: A significant platform (who is the audience) and a compelling product (what are you going to offer). If you have invested so much effort to build a big following and create a platform and awareness about your personal brand then it is crucial that you bring compelling products to your audience. This product has to match with your values and with the whole branding awareness that you have created (something that we discuss further in the other course which is about building a platform). One of the biggest secrets to success in any business is to deliver a great compelling product. This is what this module will teach you, how to start with the right product and create a successful campaign around it

MODULE 2How to launch a product

Here is very important to know what is going to happen once you have created a product. I have met many people who told me they invested so much time, money and energy to create a product and they had high expectations but because they didn't know how to launch it they didn't get the result the wanted. The first thing you will learn in this module is how to plan your go market strategy and make sure your know everything about your customer so you are approaching the right audience. Then you will need to learn how to create a team and create a great promotional content, which can be delivered for both media and social media.

MODULE 3How to market your product

Promoting a new product is never easy. As you create a strategy around the product promotion it is very important how you create the story to approach your audience and this is where it starts. Many people/companies after they launch their products feel overwhelmed and at this step we need to stay in the same channel so we continue the project aligned with the marketing message. In this module you will learn how create the right marketing message and use cost effective way to launch your product.

MODULE 4How to sell your product

According to Harvard Business School there are 30,000 new consumer products released annually. But as many as 95% of those products will fail to make significant sales.
In this module you will learn how to use all the stream channels that are relevant for promoting your product. You will learn how to increase interest about your product such as collaborating with influencers, email marketing, media promotion etc. But most importantly we can learn how to sell an online product with 10 steps formula which can help you generate cash flow immediately.

How this formula helped me

When I lost my daughter I was 24 years old. At that time I was living in a very small remote village in Albania, and the grief that I was going through drove me to a severe depression (which at that time I didn’t know). I didn’t know what to do.

I didn’t know where to seek help. The world and the people around me knew nothing about mental health or psychology, or what depression is. Coming from the communist regime we were never opened to this information and knowledge. All I remember is, the mental pain was so big and I was just about to give up my life. But soon I discovered that I was pregnant again and I felt obligated to live.

This pain led me to a new path of self-discovery and as a result I started to study how to help my self. Since then I have studied Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from Sheffield University.

I studied positive psychotherapy, family therapy and become a master of my thoughts. As a result I started to help many others to find their light and tap into the power of their mind.