Speaking at The Event of Champions

Speaking at The Event of Champions

Helping others can be rewarding!

It was a fantastic two days at the Event of Champions last weekend organised by Camilita Nutall. I have received so much positive feedback on my speech and met so many great people, including the impressive Sharon Lechter, co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. It really was an inspiring two days with wonderful speakers and very productive networking.

mirela sharon

With Sharon Lechter after our dinner at Ritz Hotel


What is so rewarding is being approached by so many people afterwards and the opportunity to help them develop their personal and professional effectiveness to find their path to success. The conversations I had were about media publishing, book writing, coaching and mentoring.


The next event coming up is the Blue Cow Summit on 20/21 February http://www.thebluecowsummit.com where I will also be a speaker and again in great company.


With my team, Global Woman Magazine at the conference

This Friday I will be going to Lucca in Tuscany, Italy, for a weekend conference and to make all the final arrangements for the Global Woman Summit on 30/31 July and it is truly promising to be an experience that will have a lasting impact.




After my speech at the Event of Champions with Sharon & Michael Lechter and Camilita Nuttall