Speaking at the Blue Cow Summit

Speaking at the Blue Cow Summit

Have you heard about theBlue Cow story? The message is that we all need to allow ourselves to discover the potential that we have within and not let the “brown cow” people or negative thoughts demotivate us to stop believing in our dreams.

blue cow


The Blue Cow summit was such a wonderful event over two days, which has been so inspiring and electrified more than 200 people who attended. I had a fantastic experience sharing the stage with many well-known international speakers such as Dr John Demartini, Dr Fabrizio Mancini, Dr Krista Burns, Shaa Wasmund, Daniel Priestly etc. It was packed with high value content and very useful knowledge to take away and apply.



With Dr John Demartini during the Summit


The vision of the organisers, Jo and Steve Davison, touched the audience and this was a great indicator to show how hungry we are to stay connected with each other and inspire each other. As Mother Teresa used to say “This World is hungry for love more than for food”. The energy and the love that was shared in this event showed that we as human beings need to feed this world with more love and affection and make it a better place to live.



In my speech I talked about “How to use your mental product” based on the concepts of my book “Don’t Let Your Mind Go”.