Meeting Ervin Laszlo in Tuscany

Meeting Ervin Laszlo in Tuscany

We need to create a more positive and sustainable FUTURE 

I flew from London to meet Ervin Laszlo and his wife Carita in Tuscany. It was an amazing weekend with them, learning more about their story and taping into their wisdom. The aim of this trip was to discuss about Global Woman Summit that we are organising together on 30-31 July 2016 in London.


Watch the video Interview with Dr Ervin Laszlo



Meditating time, guest in Ervin Laszlo’s villa in Tuscany


Everyone wants to believe that the future will be better than last year. Some may believe that their life is separated from “the others” and see the world in a distance, but the truth is that we are all part of one Universe. We are all in the same boat, and if we allow it to sink, there are no winners, and the time to incubate it, is now! Today more and more people are becoming aware about their role on the planet. Despite the truly worrisome news on global climate change, terrorism and abuse in so many sectors, there is an increasing awareness of the light in our world and that is a good sign” – Says Carita Laszlo in her interview.

My unconditional love for Ervin – read it here



With Carita Laszlo, guest in her house in Tuscany

Does this mean that more people are awakening and caring about “the good” of others as well?

While we are all learning to focus on “the now” – do we care about tomorrow? Will it be raining or a sunny day? We all want to know the forecast, as we need to get prepared for the next day. Are we ready for what tomorrow will bring us? Do we feel secure in the morning when we run to catch the train or when we send our children to school? Do we feel safe when we plan our holiday, hoping for some rest and relaxation to take a break from intensive work? Do we trust the food that we buy and what is on the labels? Do we care about the people that don’t have any food on the table at all?



During my interview with Dr Ervin Laszlo, in his villa, Tuscany

In twenty years either we will be near to, or in the midst of, a global collapse with a significant portion of humanity becoming extinct, or there will be a strong and definite change in our values and projects, moving from “this is good for me now” without much regard for others and the long term, to “this is good for the world in the foreseeable future, and so it is also good for me – and for those who come after me.” – Dr. Ervin Laszlo.

You can read the whole interview here



The media doesn’t struggle for news nowadays, and by that I mean “bad news”. We just swallow this reality and everyday life without questioning it: where are we going? People carry on dealing with their day and still believe in a better tomorrow, with a different picture. But this image is photographed in a mind that is full of worries and fear. If we scan a picture like this (black and white) in our mind, how can this be printed with colours?

While preparing for the Global Woman Summit in July, I had the chance to interview them and ask them and here is the video with their interview:

Watch the video Interview with Dr Ervin Laszlo