An unforgettable experience in Damanhur

An unforgettable experience in Damanhur

The last week of March was one of the most powerful experiences that I had in my life. I had the chance to visit a magical place that is called Damanhur, in Italy, kindly invited by Betsy Pool, who lives there since five years ago. I also met some wonderful people living at this extraordinary community which is developing interest around the world because of their unique lifestyle and ethos.



Betsy, spent her adult life living in cities: New York, Tokyo, London, Vienna, Sydney and Los Angeles. She was a city girl at heart, yet she can honestly say that Damanhur is the most engaging and fulfilling place she have ever lived. She continues to travel frequently in her own work with ‘The Institute for the Mythology of Humanity’ as do many Damanhurians who are part of their ambassadorial team and who are teaching and presenting Damanhur world-wide.




This is what Betsy shared for our Global Woman magazine:

About a third of ‘Damanhurians’ work outside of the Community in regular jobs and career paths and the rest work inside of the Community in cooperative companies, associations, agriculture and individual businesses. While Damanhur may be perceived to be a small community we are, in fact, the largest private land owner in our region with territories purposefully purchased in diverse microclimates to support sustainable agriculture. We are also a magnet for the world’s cutting-edge thinkers. As a result, we are often in very personal exchanges with luminaries from many diverse fields. We also devote time to hosting journalists and media professionals who arrive from all over the world, to study and report on our Community.

Traditional work is but a small portion of our daily life and each Damanhurian is also involved in our School of Meditation. Damanhur’s primary spiritual teachings are outlined and taught through our School of Meditation, which is also open to everyone around the world, without cost, as the knowledge that is transmitted cannot be monetised.

Meditation in Damanhur is really about ‘Medi-ACTION’. Our Meditation research groups meet weekly to explore a wide range of subjects, from art to esoteric physics, from dreams to sexual energy. In addition, we work collectively, donating our time to projects that are of shared importance to the whole Community. The most famous example of this are the Temples of Humankind, a collectively realised underground structure dedicated to the story of Humanity and all divine forces throughout history. The Temples are internationally celebrated and have been called ‘The Eighth Wonder of the World’.

Each Damanhurian also participates in a Spiritual Way – six specific pathways that are dedicated to research and realisation in diverse sectors:-

  • The Way of the Monks” and “Esoteric Couples”, chosen by those who (as singles or couples) wish to focus on how they contain and direct their vital energies.
  • The Way of the Knights”, which involves security and protection on the Damanhurian lands, as well as construction of the Temples.
  • “The Way of the Oracle”, which is dedicated to a deepening exploration of the ritual of language.
  • “The Way of Art and Word”, which involves the transmission of messages and the refinement of the arts.
  • “The Way of Health”, which creates a pathway of growth through care and wellness.
  • “The Way of the Art of Work”, which supports and promotes the development of activities and services such as the Way of Health, the Way of Art and the Word, the Way of Business and the Way of Olio Caldo (a Way devoted to sustainability).