In “Don’t Let Your Mind Go” psychotherapist MIrela Sula draws on her own personal and professional experiences and those of her mother to produce a book that is poignant, profound and moving.  The stories she shares are wise, insightful and beautifully written.

Norman E. Rosenthal, M.D., best-selling author of Transcendence and The Gift of Adversity.



“This book is filled with pearls of wisdom laced with stories that make the pearls shine. Anyone reading it will be inspired and guided in the process of cultivating a healthy, thriving mind. I recommend it to everyone. “

Harville Hendrix, Ph. D. Author, Getting the Love You Want  and co-author with Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph. D. of  Making Marriage Simple


Through this book, Mirela Sula showed that the greater hunger of the human being is not money, titles, sex, etc…  But it is the activation of dimensions that exist inside our potential to live in fullness. The author does not make changes but passes amendments, namely making radical transformations to find the meaning of life in all of its stages. Mirela Sula, with this book teaches us that, if the “WHY” exists then there is a “HOW.”

Hetem Ramadani, philanthropist, co-author of the book, “Success and Health through Meditation”


The book by Mirela Sula is one of my recent readings. It is one of the best and efficacious books for all people today who wish to understand their neurotic fixations of endless suffering which can be destructive for themselves and their families. The self is the most valuable thing one has. However, the biggest enemy of the self can be that negative ego. The author tells us how we can avoid this by preventing ourselves from self-destruction. Shortly, I would like to say that this book is as useful to all people as a cooking recipe would be for a housewife who likes to cook.

Prof. Dr. Artan Fuga, Member of the Academy of Science in Albania. Author of the National bestseller book “Wheel of fortune”


By reflecting in the deep and troubling feelings, I am amazed at how the author Mirela Sula has the courage to undertake and prepare this new book. I felt “jealous” that she was able to achieve it, creating such an attractive book in such an effective way. I myself will revert back to read this book several times, sometimes maybe only the chapter that I may need on a particular day.

Dr. Iris Carcani, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, London – UK



This book is like the bride’s rose which she happily throws behind her for her peers, so they can have as much luck! It helps all of those who think they are in the abyss of their loss and forgetfulness of life. I have already identified people who are standing at crossroads to whom I will recommend this book.

Prof. Dr. Milika Dhamo, Psychologist and professor at University of Tirana


By reading this book, my admiration is reborn for the strength, patience, optimism, intelligence and organizational skills that are presented by Mirela Sula, who kindly shares all of her values. It takes talent to achieve such a self-discovery. I hope that this self-discovery will help the reader believe in the power of the mind.

Aurela Pano, Psychotherapist -USA