Do we know each other?

Do we know each other?

We all need to live within a supportive social network; a combined strength that everyone has to help each other. Our life is full of surprises in a big world that is full of possibilities. Therefore, we are faced with making decisions continuously, moment by moment and in a broad way for our overall direction in life.

What works one day, the next day may not, and when we are faced with new changes we are often scared to walk alone. We want be close to people who provide security and surround us with their kindness. Fortunately these people exist and it is important to search for them when we need them. Yet being in a new country is always a new adventure, a new world, in new circumstances, meeting new people and new neighbours. So where to start?

I remember a story that Leo Buscaglia shared in his book “Living, loving and learning”. One day he decided to initiate the conversation with his new neighbour. While he was going to work in the morning, he saw his neighbour in the street and said: “Good morning, how are you?”. The neighbour was very surprised. He looked around and couldn’t believe that Leo was talking to him. “Do we know each other?”, he asked with his serious face. Leo responded: “No, we don’t, but I think it would be great to know each other. I am Leo”. The neighbour didn’t respond but left showing no interest.

The next morning, Leo exchanged with the neighbour in the street again. He smiled at him and said “Good morning, how are you today?” The neighbour’s face was even more surprised: “Excuse me, do we know each other?” Leo with a kind smile responded: “Yes of course, we met yesterday.” 

A day of life is like a “work of art” and “social capital” is a wealth built with great human resources. We can create our personal networks which go far beyond our direct family connections. All these networks create an effective support system around us and play an important role by helping us cultivate different parts of our personality.

That is what we emphasise in this issue, the need to connect and to share values and love with each other. This is what our stories reveal: the desire “to know each other” and contribute to making social improvements and enjoy life surrounded by caring people.

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