Returning to myself (Only in Albanian Language)

Returning to myself (Only in Albanian Language)

One day I will face my other half

The age-old partition turn back into one

I will tell it from the crumpled clothes

From the wrinkled face

and the cold breath

I will feel it in the uncertain steps

and the eyes empty of joys


I’ll wait for it, to tell it the way to come home…


Prayers will empty my mind

of its false fears

and God will let me walk at peace

in his path

I will wait impatient for the morning

I will lose myself in the burst of the new day

A gentle beat will be born in my heart

I will buy expensive balsam

To soothe the wild hairs of my anger

That over years have knotted in the nests of conflict with my other half


And at last I will walk free

The road that turns

me back to myself.

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