Journalist, trainer and psychologist, Mirela has worked in the media and education for the last 15 years. Her background takes in psychology and counselling, journalism, teaching, coaching and media training. Mirela is publisher and the editor in chief of Global Woman magazine and the organiser of Global Woman Summit. She is also the creator of Migrant Woman Platform and the organiser of Migrant Woman Conference.

Mirela is a coach, trainer, speaker and also studying for a PhD research in Psychology at Regent’s University. Mirela is also author of several bestselling books. Her last self-help book ‘Don’t Let Your Mind Go’ is published in America and Turkey. Mirela was a regular presence as the resident psychologist on the Public TV Channel, and panellist show called Love Story. Lately she was invited for the Headline Interview at London Live TV.

In 2014 Mirela was selected as one of 10 Women Entrepreneur Leaders for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day by ICSB. Recently she received the “Inspiration Award for Women 2015” for Human Rights.


Mirela Sula was born in a small village in the northern part of Albania (1975). After the divorce of her parents, at the age of six, she had to move to another village much further away, isolated and remote at a time when Albania was under the regime of communism. Democracy came when Mirela was 16 years old, and from the transition of her childhood she entered a new phase with the desire for freedom and prosperity. Mirela had been revolted by the way that women’s rights were abused and at a young age she decided to start on a path of revolution to change the reality. At only 20 years old, and while studying at university for her degree, Mirela engaged with activities to protect women’s rights and became one of the first leaders of the “Intellectual Woman” organisation in her small town, Puka.

In 2000, Mirela made a big change in her life by moving to the capital city of Tirana and started to work as a journalist at the first Albanian magazine for women after democracy, called “Modern Woman”. Mirela also committed to several projects for empowering women, and after finishing her Masters Degree at the University of Sheffield, she started working as a lecturer at Tirana University. During this time, Mirela founded ‘Psychologies’, the first magazine in Albania in this field, and a weekly supplement called ‘I woman’ for the biggest daily newspaper in Albania called ‘Panorama’. Additionally, Mirela founded the Albanian Centre of Positive Psychotherapy and she became the first leader of the biggest women’s network in Albania called ‘Women Network: Equality in Decision Making’, with the aim of promoting women and include more women in politics and decision-making.

Ten years after arriving in Tirana, Mirela became one of the most influential women in Albania. After having a great experience in media and leadership, she started up her own business creating the Psycho-Style Publishing Agency as one of the first women publishers, including a monthly magazine with the same title and a series of self-help books. Part of the business plan was the platform for organising events, including training courses and workshops, and creating marketing strategies to help other companies grow their performance.

Two years later, Mirela had a great offer for her business and decided to sell it and start a new life in London, following her academic career with her PhD studies at Regents University London. After arriving in London, Mirela got in touch with her community and began committing to several projects creating women’s support groups, bringing women together and running workshops, with the aim of empowering Albanian speaking women in the UK. In one year, Mirela has trained more than 300 women and helped them to build their confidence and integrate better into society.

Meanwhile, her entrepreneurial spirit helped her to start immediately with a new imitative creating the ‘Albanian Woman’ magazine in London, in 2013. Just one year later, in January 2014, Mirela created a global project, founding the ‘Migrant Woman’ Enterprise, which includes the publishing of a monthly magazine called ‘Migrant Woman’ with the motto Empowering and Inspiring the Women of The Universe. The magazine has a mission and purpose to identify successful migrant women and portray the positive aspects of being a woman in a new country and creating their success starting from scratch. The Migrant Woman enterprise has created an ever growing community of migrant women in London, holding regular events and bringing successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesswomen together to share their successful stories and empower each other.

Mirela is also the author of several published books. The last two are best-sellers in Albania and her book ‘Don’t Let Your Mind Go’ has been published in America by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. The same is published in Turkey and will be publish in Italy soon. In Albania, Mirela is a highly respected psychologist, a leader for women’s rights, a public person contributing as a columnist and being a panellist on different TV shows in Albania.

Contribution to society

Mirela Sula is a great role model and has inspired a lot of women with her story of starting her life from scratch and creating the reality she is living today: A successful woman with many achievements and contributing to make this world a better place.

Her commitment to change and improve women’s lives started in her small town in Albania as a leader of ‘Intellectual Women’ when she was only 20 years old. Her other significant contributions are as a writer of 14 published books, as a journalist and columnist raising women’s issues and their human’s rights. Her talent for writing has inspired and impacted in a very positive way Albanian society and shaping a new attitude towards women.

Later her voice became even stronger as a leader of the National Women Network: Equality in Decision Making, starting in Tirana, and creating several branches in different regions of Albania, and making a great impact during the Albanian parliamentary election to bring more women into politics and decision making. Mirela is also a businesswoman and after her experience in media and leadership, her first business led Mirela to becoming very successful as one of the first women publishers, and participating in several debates on Albanian TV. For more than ten years she contributed towards Albanian society as writer, psychologist, lecturer, journalist, activist fighting for women’s rights, and as an entrepreneur.

Mirela Sula presently lives in London, UK, where she is studying for her PhD in psychology and working with several projects to empower women. She worked as a trainer at Solace Women’s Aid, a very well known organisation in the UK, and for two years has trained more than 300 women to build their confidence and help them integrate into the society. In January 2014 Mirela created Migrant Woman platform, a non profit organisation and producing a magazine called ‘Migrant Woman’ with the purpose of making it a global project, to empower and inspire women around the world. Since August 2015 Mirela is working as Editor in Chief of Global Woman Magazine: www.globalwoman.co

She is author of several published book

1995  –  “Permission to live”
1997  –  “Living in half”
1998  –  “Elvana”
2000  –  “Ani Piterpani”
2001  –  “Weekend with Flora”
2002  –  “The spring came late”
2002  –  “Horizonte”
2003  –  “Map of pain”
2003  –  “Eyes of Struga”
2004  –  “The things that does not pertain to as”
2005  –  “The passion”
2006  –  “The white lie”
2008  –  “When I pass in your soul”
2012  –  “Dialog to myself”
2012  –  “Do not let your mind abandon you”
2013  –  ”Don’t let your love go”